Made with LOVE

Handmade embraces the human potential, and gives individuals a voice they may not otherwise have. To buy handmade, is to affirm and give life to that human voice.

Here at Umoya, every product you see, once flowed through the fingers of their makers.  The individuality of all these people make it one of a kind, and almost impossible to replicate.



She is the newest member of our team, soft spoken, hardworking and always on time. A great listener who is very diplomatic with her advice for our younger girls.


She is our very own Schumacher! She makes our machine sing and does it all with a smile on her face, we love it when her rascal boys visit too!


The youngest in our group but by no means the baby. She is handworking and quick to learn, often bridging the language barrier between the other woman and me, we would be lost without her.